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Eco-Goldex supplies its core products, the three series products, at the same time, it provides the convenience of access the most frenquently used materials in gold stripping/leaching process. (Please click any image below to access our secure online shopping store)

Item Product Series Descriptions
green gold extraction chemical, gold extraction agent E Series

Specially formulated for effective gold stripping in E-waste material recycling. Eco-goldex claims that this is the most effective and eco-friendly gold stripping reagent in E-waste material recycling available in the market.

best gold stripping  extraction chemical, gold extraction agent O Series

Reagent is effective for normal gold ores leaching and an alternative of sodium cyanide in gold extraction. This reagent is idea for oxide, semi-oxide ores and easy mill sulfide gold ores.

refractory gold treatment chemical, complex gold ore process agent C Series Specially formulated auxiliary reagent work together with our O series for complex gold ores (i.e. gold ores with high sulfides and As, Sb, Pb, Cu...).
gold precipitation Precipitation Agent Package A+B

This chemical agent package A+B is for quick precious metal precipitation from the E series pregnant solution. This chemical precipitation process is much more eco-friendly and working condition is more friendly (no more hash chemical smell as the ammonia solution plus zinc strip method does). Other base metals such as Cu, Ni may also be precipitated through this precipitation process. A simple acid wash (diluted HNO3 or HCl) can remove the soluble base metals from the precipitation.
A single section of resin adsorption column following the chemical precipitation will ensure gold recovery rate up to 98% from the E series preg-solution.

gold adsorption resin Plexiglass Resin Adsorption Column The Plexiglass Resin Adsorption Column is a supplementary circuit of gold recovery in the E-series preg-solution. It is added behind either the electrowinning system or the chemical precipitation (A+B) system.
With this resin adsorption column added in the E-series preg-solution process, both precious metal and some of the dissolved base metals will all be precipitated from the preg-solution. This will clean the preg-solution and the waste preg-solution can be disposed safely.
The Resin adsorption column method can also be used for gold recovery in gold ores leaching solution.   
This adsorption column is transparent and convenient to check resin color changes in the adsorption process for better management of adsorption process.
gold precipitation method Gold stripping system A featured semi-automatic gold striping system working with E series stripping solution for gold stripping in E-waste material recycling. This model can process 700-900kg E-waste materials per day.
We provide customized striping equipment design and manufacturing based on client’s specific requirement.
gold refinery, induction refinary equipment Automatic Electrowinning system Automatic electrowinning system for quick precious metal recovery from gold bearing preg-solution. The basic model can process about 110 liters of preg-solution in 24 hours and produce sponge gold 450-550 grams daily.
With this electrowinning system, gold content will be dropped to 2-4 PPM in preg-solution, with the complimentary resin adsorption column, gold contents in preg-solution will be lower than 1 PPM.
gold refinery, induction refinary equipment Electronic Induction Heater This portable intermediate frequency electronic induction heater is equipped with three sets of interchangeable heating coils up to 8 kg gold smelting. Clients can specify the sizes of the other two sets coils. Graphite crucibles also included. Max heating temperature: 2050 oC, working electricity voltage: 380V, 60Hz.
gold refinery, induction refinary equipment Eco-goldex stripping/recovery system package This is a comprehensive and unique gold stripping/recovery system package for E-waste material recycling operation available in the market.
With this package the clients have the turn-key and all essential equipment and skills to run E-waste recycling and precious metal recovery.
this package includes onsite installation and training except travel expenses.

2017 special shipping rate with UPS/DHL:

As of Feb. 1st, 2017, Eco-goldex's international clients will enjoy a very favorable air freight shipping rate granted by its professional international carrier UPS Canada /DHL.

For European Clients:

Eco-goldex is pleased to announce that it will cover shipping costs for clients to certain European countries with order larger than 500kg (for E series), or 1000 kg for O(C) series .

Some European countries include: UK, Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, Hungary, Poland etc.

Our free shipping service only cover marine delivery to some of the European base marine ports. Clients are responsible for their local costs such as local custom clearance and import tax / duties, local port charges, inland transportation and local storage fees.

To check whether you are qualified for this free shipment plan, please contact us .